The Museum of Romani Culture, in cooperation with ONplan company, has begun the preparation of an international two-round landscape – architectural competition  “Lety near Písek, the Memorial of the Roma and Sinti in Bohemia”. The subject of the competition will be the search for the optimal form of the memorial and the surrounding landscape.

“Too often we see the downsizing of the history of the camp in Lety and Hodonín near Kunštát and the general denial of the Roma and Sinti Holocaust. If we allow to forget, to deny this painful stage of our history and not learn from it, we open the possibility to repeat the same mistakes, repeat the same tragedies, ”said Jana Horváthová, Director of the Museum of Roma Culture. The mission of the memorial will be to commemorate the victims of the Lety Camp, the victims of the Roma and Sinti Holocaust from the former Protectorate, to preserve and commemorate the story of Camp Lety. The memorial must also educate and inform about the history of Roma and Sinti in Bohemia in the 20th century, explain the roots of hatred and discrimination and to stimulate the debate on the issue of human rights and improve mutual coexistence.

For the success of the competition and the fulfillment of the expectations, it is necessary to have a well-prepared assignment. Competing teams must understand the context, objectives and mission of the memorial, as well as the financial, technical and operational constraints. “Processing the theme of the memorial, defining its mission in detail and processing the contest is not easy. A wide range of participants are interested in the future of the memorial. They will all be informed about the preparation of the competition and its basic parameters. They will be involved in the creation of the assignment, ”said Petr Návrat from ONplan, the coordinator and future administrator of  the competition.

The assignment is being actively created in a working group composed primarily of experts from the Museum of Roma Culture and the representatives of the survivors. Experts in history, Roma experts, architects, gallerists and representatives of the Ministry of Culture are also members of this group.

Suggestions of local residents and the main project participants will form the basis for the processing of the assignement.  Current values and problems of the place, their needs and expectations, as well as any concerns about the future of the memorial will be discussed with the local residents at a meeting in May.

In May, a consultation afternoon with the participants acquainted with the current state of the territory, the planned mission of the memorial and the intention to announce the landscape-architectural competition  will take place.

The attendees will be able to discuss their questions on the presented information and express their expectations related to the future of the monument with the representatives of the Museum of Roma Culture and ONplan company. The main actors will be presented with a proposal to submit a competition prepared by the working group at the end of June.

The competition will be open, international and will have two-rounds – in the first round, international teams will present their concepts of the memorial solution from which the jury will select those that will advance to the second round.  In the second round, the selected contestants will present more detailed solutions from which the jury will select the best proposals.

All of this will be done in a strictly anonymous mode – the jury will be notified of the names of the authors of all proposals after the end of competiton.

The contract, which includes the completion of all stages of project documentation as well as the finalisation of the project, will be discussed  in accordance with the Public Procurement Act with the authors of the winning project. The competition will be announced in September this year. The first round of the competition will be closed by the end of the year, the second round should be closed and the results announced in April next year.